Predictive Modeling

Analytics-based modeling to maximize the results from your online channel
eCommerce / eBusiness Predictive Modelling and Analytics - ePathePath’s Solution

ePath’s Predictive Modeling service provides quantitative analysis of the current performance of your online channel and the impact of the actions you might take to improve results.  We utilize analytics techniques to model each element of your end-to-end online sales channel, capturing the performance of each traffic stream as it moves through the funnel.

Our approach provides:

  • Deep Insights:  Modeling of your online channel enables in-depth understanding of current performance and the levers that most affect results.
  • Scenario Evaluation: Predictive analysis provides a “what if” capability to evaluate the effect of specific changes and identify the scenario with the greatest potential impact on the performance of the end-to-end online channel.
  • Action Identification:  Detailed modeling of the best scenarios leads to identification of the specific actions required to achieve optimal results.

ePath’s Predictive modeling service provides you with detailed analytical data to show how each element of your online channel is performing and provides expert guidance on the actions that will generate the greatest performance improvement for your business.

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